Hurricane Matthew Gaia PK Experiments

This experiment has ended as of 5 pm EDT Saturday.

Background Information:

Hurricane Matthew is on track for a potentially catastrophic impact to the east coast of Florida.

An experiment is being activated for Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) with the same format as the California Drought Relief Experiment but with the intention of inviting calmer winds at the site.

The experiment will remain active throughout the duration of storm impacts.  You can participate at any time, as many times as you wish, and you can complete a 5, 15, or 25 minute session.

Additionally, a group session will be hosted at 11:10 am EDT/8:10 am PDT Friday.  The link to join is posted below.  Please join if you are able.

Feel free to share this page widely and as quickly as possible!  Let’s make a team effort here to observing a mass consciousness effect!


Clicking on a link to initiate an experiment session will take you to a short questionnaire. Once you submit the questionnaire, you will be automatically directed to the experiment page, which will provide audio prompts along with on-screen instructions. You will be asked to alternate (in 5 minute periods) between consciously inviting calm winds at Daytona Beach International Airport, and relaxing. During the relaxation periods, please do not attempt any weather influence.

Google Maps – Daytona Beach International Airport

(This target site is subject to change, particularly if wind data stops reporting at this location)


Should you need to terminate a session anytime after submitting the questionnaire on the experiment page, we kindly ask that you contact the researcher (email listed below) or fill out this form within 3 days to ensure that your data from that session is not included in the analysis.

Researcher Contact Information: djcaputi at ucdavis dot edu

Purpose, expected risks/discomforts, and your rights:

This is a scientific study in which the purpose is to learn more about the interaction between our consciousness and the atmosphere.  There are no foreseeable risks or discomforts to you that would result from your participation in this study, however your participation is completely voluntary.  All of the information we collect about you will be kept private.  Your name will not be used in any published material or presentations.  You may use a pseudonym, but if so we ask that you use the same pseudonym each time you complete a session.  You may quit an experimental session at any time for any reason.

Important information about the ethics of weather-working:

We do not want to view ourselves as a potential entity to have power over nature!  We are not trying to control the weather with our minds!  Rather, we are inviting (rather than demanding) changes to occur in the atmosphere that will be beneficial.  This simple change in perspective is extremely important.  For example, if you were trying to weather-work with rain, you should be thinking “let me consciously invite and welcome moisture to the area” rather than “let me try to make it rain with my mind”.  In other words, give the power over to mother nature to make the ultimate decision of the outcome.  Even better, try to eliminate the words “me, myself, I” in your thinking, as this could inflate the ego, which is often said to be damaging to spiritual growth.  If you have any questions on this approach or wish to get a better understanding on its importance, please email the researcher before starting a session.


Additional Information:

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  • I am looking for cases where mental intentions may have influenced the weather.  If you know of or witnessed any such cases and can provide approximate dates and locations, please contact me at djcaputi at ucdavis dot edu